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Diversifying Talent: Why Looking Beyond the Usual Industry is a Smart Move!

Diversifying Talent: Why Looking Beyond the Usual Industry is a Smart Move!

When taking in job brief’s we often have clients ask us to only look at candidates that have come from their specific industry, which can be extremely limiting. So, we wanted to share a little nugget of wisdom that we have discovered along our recruitment journey – why it’s incredibly advantageous to explore candidates who aren’t from your traditional stomping grounds.

Now, don’t get us wrong – familiarity with the industry can be fantastic. But sometimes, by casting our net a bit wider, we open up a whole new world of possibilities! Here’s why are firm believers in thinking outside the industry box:

FRESH PERSPECTIVES: Candidates from diverse industry backgrounds can bring innovative ideas and fresh perspectives. They might have tackled similar safety challenges from different angles, inspiring you with creative solutions you’d never even thought of! Embracing these unique viewpoints can truly take your health and safety game to the next level.

TRANSFERABLE SKILLS: Let’s face it – skills are often transferable between industries. Safety is safety no matter where you are. The key is recognizing the potential and providing them with the right resources to succeed.

ADAPTABILITY: Those who’ve navigated various industries are often adaptable pros! They’ve mastered the art of learning the ropes swiftly and thrive in dynamic environments. When safety concerns can shift like quicksand, having adaptable team members is an absolute win.

TEAM DIVERSITY: By embracing candidates from different industries, we promote a culture that celebrates individuality and fosters creativity. Plus, diverse teams are proven to outperform!

Our favourite – UNEXPECTED GEMS: You know what’s exciting? Unearthing hidden gems! Some of the best health and safety superstars I’ve met came from surprising industry backgrounds. These diamonds in the rough can be game-changers, bringing their passion and energy to elevate your safety efforts.

So, let’s keep an open mind and welcome candidates from diverse industry backgrounds into our health and safety tribe. Together, we’ll create an unstoppable force, setting new standards and raising the bar for safety excellence!