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What Makes a Safety Superstar?

What Makes a Safety Superstar?

As specialist health and safety recruiters, we are often asked by people what sets a successful health & safety professional apart?

Every situation & person is different of course, but as a general rule, here some key attributes we look for:

BUSINESS ACUMEN CHAMPION: Safety is essential, but you also get the business game! You understand the commercial impact of safety decisions and can strike that perfect balance between compliance and business objectives!

EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATOR: Mastering the art of communication is your forte. Your capacity to engage with individuals across all levels of the company – from top executives to new employees – sets you apart.

EMBRACING A CULTURE OF LEARNING: While rules and regulations are vital, you understand that seeking knowledge is equally crucial. You don’t claim to know it all, If you encounter uncertainty, you proactively ask questions and seek answers.

COOL UNDER PRESSURE: In challenging situations, you exhibit composure like no other. Your exceptional problem-solving skills enable you to navigate high-stress scenarios with confidence.

TEAM PLAYER EXTRAORDINAIRE: You’re not just a lone wolf – you thrive in a team! Building a safe and healthy work environment is a group effort, and you’re the glue that holds everyone together!

ADAPTABILITY PRO: Change is your middle name! You can juggle multiple tasks like a pro and embrace new challenges with open arms!

MULTI-HATTED WARRIOR: As a Health and Safety Pro, you wear multiple hats with pride! Your expertise extends beyond the realm of safety, and you may dabble in environmental and sustainability initiatives, furthering the well-being of both employees and the planet.

If you believe that you or someone you know embodies these traits, we encourage you to reach out to us! Lets connect.