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What sets us apart is our approach to business.

Our success as a business is based on our culture and values. These define how we function and how we partner with our customers.

We NEVER compromise them. 

Our Values

Our overarching guiding principle is to act with integrity in all we do – we are here for the long haul and whole-heartedly believe that this drives us to go above and beyond for our customers.

But, there is a little more to us than that.


We value transparency in our relationships – respecting when discretion and confidentiality are a must. What we feel this value really brings to the table is its connection to honesty, trust and vulnerability – to really embody transparency we need to be open and vulnerable, and we are 100% comfortable with that even when it means talking about the hard stuff.


Who we are at home, is who we are at work. We are open, honest and confident with ourselves and with others. We act in alignment to our personality, values and spirit. We are genuine, there is no mask, or insincerity. And we apply that thinking to our relationships, looking for the “real” person behind the interview.


We are interested in taking the time to get to know our candidates’ ambitions and our clients’ briefs. We aren’t in a rush to fill a position – this would not be acting in integrity. We truly want your experience with us to be delightful, so will go above and beyond to deliver the best possible outcome for your needs.

Why us?

At our core we really care about finding the right people to make the world a safer and better place to work. We live by our values and our deep relationships.

Health and Safety Recruitment

Meet Amanda

Founder and Director Amanda Walker has always had a keen interest in the lives of those nearest and dearest to her. She is a caring friend and nurturing mumma. She brings these qualities to her work.  

She is interested in her candidate’s future, sitting with them over coffee to really understand their ambitions, personality and spirit. She is genuinely interested in nurturing their careers and stays in touch with those she meets.

Amanda likes to go the extra mile to get to know the client brief. She wants to live and breathe their organisation – getting to know the team, the position and culture so that she can find a perfect match for both client and candidate. She understands the delicate nature of finding a good fit for employer and talent.  

She has been working in the recruitment industry for 12 years. She launched Acquainted Talent in 2022 shortly after the birth of her daughter.  

Get to know Amanda 

  • She can be seen eating pasta
  • While drinking a Coconut Latte
  • Her favourite place to sit and relax is Hampton Beach
  • In her spare time, she loves to cook and care for people 
  • Her first fur baby is a British Bulldog called Bobbi.
Health and Safety Recruitment

Meet Peter

Since 2008, Peter has been working in the recruitment sector building trusted relationships across the Construction, Engineering and Design sectors both in Melbourne and London.

As someone who focuses on establishing and nurturing relationships, Peter has a track record of building genuine partnerships with clients and candidates. He takes the time to understand the intricacies of the clients he works with in order to ensures that he accurately represents their brand to market.

On a personal level, he’s honest, respectful and approachable. He will go above and beyond to provide a high level of service to candidates, understanding that the right role and best career move might isn’t always the one that’s immediately available.

Get to know Peter

  • He’s a keen sports fan with a love of football and combat sports
  • Favourite drinks? Wine and coffee. Not necessarily together
  • He loves to travel and see new places; he’s ticked 38 countries off his list and his aim is to visit 50 by 50