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How to secure top talent without blowing the budget

How to secure top talent without blowing the budget

Over recent weeks we’ve partnered with some exceptional clients who have secured top talent without breaking the bank or blowing out the budget.

Everyone knows that it’s not all about money (although it helps!), so what are clients doing to improve their recruitment strategy and be more successful when hiring?

Here are 5 changes you can make to improve your recruitment strategy:

  • Create / Refine your Employer Value Proposition: An EVP is what sets you apart from other organisations and is used to both attract and retain talent. An EVP will explain to candidates what it is like working for your organisation and what makes you different to your competitors. Make sure you communicate this to the market.
  • Improve the benefits on offer: Outside of salary there are plenty of other incentives that can be used to attract candidates. Our tip would be to ensure that you’re communicating these through your website, on your adverts and if you’re partnering with a recruiter that they’re aware of what is on offer. Benefits can include the following:
    • Flexible working arrangements. If possible, consider a ‘work from anywhere, not just from home’ policy.
    • Additional annual leave, holiday substitution programs, volunteer days, reduced hours.
    • Learning and development opportunities; both personal and professional.
    • Discounted healthcare, gym memberships, free vaccinations.
  • Have a succinct recruitment process: In this market, the clients giving themselves the best chance of securing talent are the client’s that have a concise recruitment process and keep potential candidates well informed. Our tips here would be to ensure that candidates understand the steps in the process, that you provide detailed feedback ASAP, that you keep the candidate or your recruiter up to date with developments and work quickly!
  • It’s a two-way street, sell the opportunity! An interview is as much for you to assess the candidate as it is for them to assess you. Be sure to sell the organisation, the role, discuss the career progression and of course talk up your newly created / refined EVP and all the benefits on offer.
  • Have a purpose. There has been a shift in what is important to a candidate post pandemic and one of the key drivers is for candidates to feel they have a purpose. Therefore, their role and the company they represent must be meaningful; be sure to think about this in your organisations and communicate it to the wider market.

We’d love to hear what other organisations are doing to attract and retain talent; please feel free to drop us a line. We’d love to chat!